Trines november favoritter

Trine Kjær, the woman behind the fashion blog Trine's wardrobe accepted our invitation to be our november guest. Besides the blog, Trine work as a stylist and owns her own product line, Trine's Wardrobe Haircare & Skin Care. She lives with her boyfrind on Nørrebro in Copenhagen and has the most envious wardrobe. We have asked Trine, what's on her November wish list and we clearly see how it all fit her weekendplans. We wish you a nice trip, dear Trine!

Sunglasses from Kaibosh "Sunglasses are not only for Summer. I'm gonna use these on those cold sunny days with a clear blue sky"

Mason Pearson hairbrush, pocket B4 pale pink "Through the last four years I have ONLY brushed my hair with Mason Pearson brushes. This little pink one will always follow me when I'm traveling."

Socks from Missoni "I love socks from Missoni - they are without exception always on my Christmas list"
"In November I look forward to next weekend, where I am going on a weekend trip at Hotel Frederiksminde that got a Michelin star earlier this year. It's my boyfriend who booked it and I can't wait to eat delicious 9 course dinner, long walks on the beach and explore Præstø for the first time".

Fur from Saks Potts "It's getting cold outside! ...and it's only getting worse. The best investment must therefor be a warm winter coat and what could be better than a varm AND beautiful one?"

Shirt from nué notes "I love PJ shirts. They go for everything from a casual outfit at home, at work or dressed up for a night out. I would very much like to bring this one with me to Frederiksminde."

Knit from People's Republic of Cashmere "I live in cashmere knits all through the winter."